Who are Mandy and Andy?

Mandy and Andy are lively cat siblings. Mandy is knowledgeable and skillful, Andy for his part is always ready to act but does not always pause to think things through first.

Their life goes on pleasantly with Uncle Tobias, although there are also adventures and surprises in store for them.

Mandy and Andy are always eager to familiarize themselves with new things. With Mandy and Andy you always learn new things – and Andy frequently learns something from his own blunders!

Mandy and Andy also have many friends. Their best pals are Mortimer Mouse, Ollie Squirrel, Billy Badger, and their cousin Siprina, who lives in a nearby town. Their adult acquaintances include Hermie the Hermit, Constable Teddy, Grandma Catley, Mill-Mouse Malachias, Maurice Badger’s family, Aunt Nelly, Bog-Bobby and many others.

Birth story of the lovely cat siblings

The cat siblings were born in 1982 when Satukustannus Oy decided to publish a new ABC book. The mission was given to a familiar Finnish artist Teuvo “TEUTORI” Koskinen. Mandy’s and Andy’s ABC book was published in September 1982 and during the years, one book turned into a series of books.

From the very beginning, the stories and the characters of Mandy and Andy were meant to represent safety and kindness. With a dynamic plot and sympathetic characters it was possible to build a cosy atmosphere into the stories. Mellow type of humor spices up the stories that always contain a lesson, making them inspiring and educational. It was also important that the books would be available for everyone which is why they are inexpensive and long-lasting, hence the thicker paper material.

Subjects of the books arise from mundane situations in children’s lives. Among many stories, the cat siblings go to a doctor, to a dentist, to daycare and to school. These kinds of subjects help adults to address issues many children are nervous about.

Teutori wrote and illustrated altogether 47 different stories. After that, many Finnish artist have been creating Mandy and Andy books. For example Jari Koivisto, Tuomas Mäkelä and Kristian Huitula have illustrated many of the books and Jari Koivisto, Juha Henttonen and Tuula Puranen have written them. Many other artist have been involved making Mandy and Andy activity books.